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What is the purpose of a Deed Poll?

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Who can apply for a Deed Poll? How long does the process take? Can I change my child's name? Can a birth certificate be changed? Are there any restrictions on names? Is a Deed Poll registered anywhere?

How Would My Newborn's Birth Certificate Be if I'm Not Married to the Dad?

Why do people change their name? Answers to other FAQs.

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Information and advice about how to officially change your legal name by Deed Poll. However, in the event that the father has entered into a parental responsibility agreement or obtained a parental responsibility order, there is the facility for only one parent to re-register the birth. This would be appropriate in such cases where the mother does not provide consent for re-registration.

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If a declaration of parentage has been issued, the onus is on the court to inform the General Registry Office within three weeks of the order being granted. The General Registry Office have discretion to re-register the birth in order to reflect the findings of the court and this can be carried out without an informant attending the registry office.

A father will not automatically obtain parental responsibility through the re-registration process following a declaration of parentage.

A paternity correction can only be made when it has been proven either by a DNA test or a court order declaration of parentage that the man named on the certificate is not the natural father of the child. Therefore, a recognised DNA report or a Declaration of Parentage which either excludes the man named on the certificate from paternity or confirms the name of the true biological father is required.

Any certificates issued from the entry will show this marginal note of correction and the original information. The wrong father will continue to have parental responsibility even if the birth registration has been corrected to remove his details.

The biological parents lose Parental Responsibility and the new parents obtain Parental Responsibility for the child. This document is known as an adoption certificate and replaces the original birth certificate for all legal purposes. An entry in the Adopted Children Register will only contain the adoptive details of a person and has no information that relates back to the corresponding birth entry. If you are a young person who requires advice and information click here to visit LawStuff , our website dedicated to providing advice and assistance to young people.

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Mother's Name is Wrong on Birth Certificate - Will This Be a Problem?

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mothers name on birth certificate Mothers name on birth certificate
mothers name on birth certificate Mothers name on birth certificate
mothers name on birth certificate Mothers name on birth certificate
mothers name on birth certificate Mothers name on birth certificate
mothers name on birth certificate Mothers name on birth certificate

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