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The addition bandwidth help calls sound crystal clear although the carrier of the other person on the line does affect the outcome. Because iPhones are some of the most popular phones on the market, you can be sure whatever wireless carrier you are on, you will have service.

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And whatever calling service is supported by the wireless provider, you will have access to. Then there is iOS. The Apple-developed operating system has a few features which are either exclusive to the platform or limited on Android devices. Being able to route calls automatically and picking up calls on other Apple devices are useful features which enhance the overall calling experience. While you do pay a high premium for these features, because all features mentioned here are also included on the iPhone X S and X R , you could opt for one of these devices to save some money.

It has impressive specs, excellent battery life, an impressive screen, and fantastic cameras.

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However, after a few hours of testing, you can already see that calling wasn't a priority of the Samsung team. That is not to say this isn't a great phone for those who prioritize calling. Let us first start with the good. Samsung is the number one OEM in the world and has helped propel the Android OS to be the most commonly used operating system.

As a result of this popularity, its flagships are supported by all four major wireless carriers in the US. For the With a rating of M4, it exceeds the recommended performance, something you will only find on a handful of other smartphones. Then there are omissions which we hope Samsung will improve in the future.

The inability to start a video call within the phone app is disheartening. Despite the phone's access to Google Duo, Samsung doesn't include the integration which would make this possible. Visual voicemail has been a staple on smartphones since Apple starting promoting the feature back in Most phones include access to this feature right within the phone app, as a tab, so you can easily see any missed messages someone left for you. However, Samsung doesn't include this feature. Instead, Samsung forces you to call your voicemail to listen to each message like it's again.

Finally, another huge letdown is the battery life. Despite having the most massive battery on our list at 4, mAh, it only managed an overall rating of 7. While it does much better when strictly making calls, as we know, our phone is always connected. Even during calls, data is being processed in the background draining our battery. Therefore, the general battery life testing is more indicative of performance than the 3G talk time. And it is here that Samsung disappoints. That being said, by popularity alone, Samsung is worth a nod. Additionally, because it runs Android, there is always a chance its phone app improves, adding features previously exclusive to the Pixel series such as Call Screen in the near future.

And because these same advantages can be found in the entire Galaxy S10 series, to save some coin, you can opt for the smaller Galaxy S10 or S10e. Both phones have a smaller screen and smaller batteries, but the same overall calling experience. With this flexibility, you can use two different wireless providers, whether for travel abroad or while you travel in the US.

And this is all without having to take out SIM cards, which are ridiculously small and very easily can be lost. While call recording of the line audio is lost due to Android 9 Pie blocking the feature on non-rooted phone, it is possible to get this feature back with root.

And there few phones meant to be rooted as much as the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is one of the most straightforward phones to root, with the global variant allowing you to unlock the bootloader out of the box.

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OnePlus consistently abides by Google's requirement to release the kernel sources, making rooting possible within days of its release. This means features such as call recording are only a few steps away, it just depends on whether you want to take the time to root your device.

Another example of OnePlus 7 Pro's flexibility is with the calling app. The Google-developed phone app is limited to only a handful of devices usually Pixel, Essential, Razer, and Android One , and cannot be downloaded from the Play Store for most phones. However, there is a modified version which lets nearly any device install it, giving users most of the features of the app, including true spam blocking. The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of those devices. This means that while the default app is pretty limited in its features, there is a fix.

In the past few years, Google and OnePlus have improved the integration of OnePlus device with their services.

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This includes Google Duo in the phone app, letting you make video calls easily, and official Google Lens support. The latter allows you to use the camera app to scan items for additional information and features. This includes scanning business cards to add contacts to your phone quickly. The OnePlus 7 Pro is the only phone on our list without official support for Sprint. While it has the bands to support the network, it isn't officially certified and therefore won't be able to access their network.

With the OnePlus 7 Pro, you get flexibility. Flexibility to change its downfalls by installing better a phone app, increasing flexibility, and returning features lost due to a software update. Being one of only two phones on our list with dual SIM means you can use two different wireless carriers without having to remove either SIM card.

However, by default, it does lack many of the spam blocking features of other phones on our list. It also lacks Real-Time Text, a feature that is used by millions of hearing-impaired Americans and for some calls. This is a flawed phone for calling, but still a worthy addition to our list. While making phone calls isn't as important as it once was, having a phone that provides a great overall calling experience is still desired.

With phone calls being the preferred method for some, and the only method accessible for others, it is necessary for our phones to provide an experience that makes calling a pain-free as possible. And thanks to the rise in robocalls and spam, being able to avoid such calls is now very important.

Can my mobile phone calls be listened to?

All the phones on our list are a great choice with their stock phone app, which makes the process as easy and painless as possible. However, based on our testing, the best option is the Google Pixel 3 XL. While we only included the 3 XL in our list, all the features mentioned can also be found on the smaller and cheaper Pixel 3. Check out the whole Chat series.

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The issue is there are so many factors that affect this feature, adding to the chart wasn't possible. The tower you are on, the carrier you are using, the carrier the recipient is using, all come into play. Hence why we focus on the technology behind it as each phone offer clear sound quality when tested. Sign Up.

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What is missing? Non-technical , human, ear sound quality.

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