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And my street name was visible on the map too. Not my address, but the map was definitely where I lived. I was a little startled, and then it hit me—anyone who knew my home IP address had the ability to see the same map. I could imagine someone knocking at my door who tracked me or my wife! It radically changed how John looked at his IP address.

It also changed the way he used the Internet at home and when traveling. That means the majority of your online activity is probably coming from your home IP address—the IP address that could be traced back very close to you. Maybe even your kitchen window.

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There's just no way of knowing who is running your IP address through any type of IP lookup service. It could be your bank, your real estate agent, or a tech-savvy teenager who's also a hacker. It is possible to be traced by someone—a stalker, an investigator or even a criminal—via your IP address. And that clever stranger might just wind up right at your door. Also, if a person hopefully not you! With a subpoena in hand, investigators would ask the ISP to provide the online account holder's name and address.

You must admit, it's unsettling news to know that anyone who has captured your IP address in the past can come close to zeroing in on your front door, depending on where you live. Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow pull the "old switcheroo" and go online with a different IP address—an IP address that, when anybody tried to trace it, would send them off to some other location, miles from where you actually are?

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Use the Internet away from home. Go to the library or the local coffee bar. You'll have a different IP address. The drawback: It still close to home and public networks aren't always safe from other eavesdroppers. Use the Tor network. Tor is an entirely different kind of network that is free and available to all.

Continue dating with confidence by searching for each potential crush. Get to know your neighbors without leaving your home. Quench your curiosity and give yourself peace of mind whenever you desire. There is a reason some records are considered public in the U. Certain information is important in maintaining a transparent and accountable government. Privacy laws limit access to some records, but we strive to make sure everyone can easily find and understand those that remain public.

Public records are vital for protecting ourselves and our families. Look up your own name and phone number to discover what others can find out about you. You may be shocked by which addresses, relatives, and court rulings are openly available. We know there are many ways to conduct online background checks, and that some sources are completely free.

But chances are, you are using this information to make important decisions that could dramatically impact you and your family. You cannot trust a free online people search tool to find the most detailed, up-to-date data. At CheckPeople, we obtain the most recent information available from governments, corporations, social networks, and more.

You are guaranteed to receive a complete background check on any individual that you search. You can rest assured that nobody can see who you are searching for. All of your people searches are completely private, confidential, and secure. They won't know you've conducted a background check on them unless you decide to tell them.

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You can't control everything in life, but you can decide who to trust. Who are your kids hanging out with? Who are you dating? Who do you work next to every day? You now have the power to find out without spending a ton of money and devoting several hours to the search.

Factual public information has never been more accessible. You are in control of who you spend time and energy on. We value both privacy and transparency. While we strive to increase access to data that is considered public, we are also committed to ensuring that our program is only used legally. In the United States, the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA restricts people from using our service for some activities, and it is always illegal to use our services for things like spying on people, identity theft, or contacting someone against their wishes.

Check out our full list of CheckPeople do's and don'ts. Some of the information you find could be overwhelming!

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Make sure to keep this in mind and prepare for the unexpected. By closing this pop up you agree to not use our service or the information provided to make decisions about consumer credit checks, employment screening, insurance screening, tenant screening, educational screening, etc. Phone Number Search.

Table of Contents. Peace of Mind. What You Need Unlike other people finders, CheckPeople tries to keep things as simple as possible for our users. Criminal Records. Civil Records. Phone Book Listings. Arrest Reports.

Traffic Reports. Sexual Offender Status.

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What You Get. What Our Search Results Provide Our search results provide detailed information that helps you determine the identity and past information related to an individual. Criminal Records Each report we provide to our users contains accurate criminal records on the person on whom the search is conducted. Social media accounts Our People Search is designed to be used for much more than simply keeping you safe, although that is the main intent as well.

Much, much more There are numerous reasons one may decide to use our People Search service, and each person has their own reasoning behind it. Search now! Make Informed Decisions Today! If you have enough identifying information, it is really easy to track down important people from your past and find out how they are doing today. Maybe you have biological family that you never knew about, and you wish to get to know them. In any case, police records can reveal a lot about your family members and help you reconnect with your loved ones.

Scope out an online date — Dating can be complicated, especially when you meet online and are unsure about meeting a complete stranger. If you doubt any information that they have provided, you can use a police records search to find out if your potential date has been completely truthful with you.

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Continue Reading Locate addresses — There are a number of legitimate reasons that you may need to track down a residential or commercial address. When you search for police records, you can almost always learn the last known address of the person or organization you are looking for. Research yourself — It may sound vain, but a lot of people are curious about their own public visibility.

Do you have a criminal record from years ago and wonder if others will find out about it? No matter the reason, a police records search can help you see what others can find out about you online. Search neighbors — While you may not sense any red flags when a new neighbor moves in next door, you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety and the safety of your family.

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Thankfully, a police records search can help give you peace of mind when there is a new person living in your neighborhood. However, usually, landlords will not rent a living space to a tenant without knowing their criminal history first, so most rental contracts include some form of background check consent. Educational screening — Educational institutions are not allowed to discriminate against candidates for any reason.

Therefore, running a police records search is strictly prohibited, as it could allow institutions of higher education to accept or deny candidates based on their criminal history.

find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city
find people by name and city Find people by name and city

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