Con nathan deal obama birth certificate

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I, among others am not crazy. But can anyone who likes him or believes him point to any recorded mistake he has made. In front of a teleprompter he does a pretty good job of speaking. But when it comes to "off the cuff" remarks he is not ANY good. So why are there no recorded gaffes? Next question, why is Trump doing so well in the polls? He is saying what the "mainstream" Republicans are not or will not say and what the average citizen thinks. Trump is not going to run for the Presidency. First, the Constitution is too constraining.

Second, if he lost, so what? It's not like he has to fade away.

As soon as Republicans pick up on what Trump is saying, birth certificate? No written or recorded mistakes? That's not weird? Name one other politician that has a life so golden. The only thing that accounts for the persistence of "birtherism" is the utterly unrepetent, and indeed shameless, racism that has been the key to Republican power for a generation,. Ben, please fact-check this: That the state of Hawaii's certificate of nomination is the only one of the 50 states that does not say that Obama is certified "under the provisions of the US Constitution"; rather it says he's certified under provisions "by the Democratic National Committee.

There are theories, but I'm truly curious if this is true.

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They appear to be real documents they are comparing, and if this is true, it is very intriguing. Ben Smith, I'm happy to be proven wrong here, but can you look into this and see if the actual Cert. One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe that constitutional provisions for Presidential eligibility should be enforced. All Presidential candidates should be required to submit their complete birth credentials e.

The fact that this has not been a requirement previously is purely a function of the fact that no serious questions have ever been raised about the citizenship of a viable Presidential candidate.

- The Washington Post

Glad you're trying to do a review, Politico. The media seems to have forgotten Rahm Emmanuel took a trip in Dec of to Africa for a two week safari -- somewhere in Africa. To my knowledge, no one asked where. It was billed as a "family trip. The intrigue is based on a number of things. Why would the press expect people to believe something we all know could be photoshopped? Why wouldn't Gibbs answer the question, when asked, about the birth hospital?

Why would Wikipedia say no records should be provided because it would lead to more requests of records? Is there an arbitrary end to research? Are links bad? Why is Obama on tape making the slip that there are 57 American states which corresponds to the number of Islamic states? No one needs to draw outrageous conclusions here. Even Chris Matthews wanted it shown and Abercrombie at first. One doesn't have to possess some glaring smoking gun, but it's apparent there is a fair degree of stonewalling, and at the very least, bad politicking. Didn't you read the article?

Hawaii will not release long forms.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio says Obama's birth certificate is forged

Thank you, Mr. Smith and Mr.

Birtherism: Where it all began

Tau for the much needed and very enlightening history of birtherism. You have made the fact-chocked case that the birther view is false, an illusion, and you have made the case as powerfully and persuasively as humanly possible without writing a book. Yet I fear birthers will find in your history not disproof of birtherism but more evidence the conspiracy is true. That's the way the mind works of those who need someone to hate, blame and demonize.

The 'birther' thing is not going to make an Obama re-election a 'shoe in'. The man is running scared.

Just listen to his lies. E-mail live politico. Feder, J. Birtherism is the latest and most enduring version of a theory in search of facts. Get reporter alerts Ben Smith Email.

Governor Was Friends With Obama's Parents

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con nathan deal obama birth certificate Con nathan deal obama birth certificate
con nathan deal obama birth certificate Con nathan deal obama birth certificate
con nathan deal obama birth certificate Con nathan deal obama birth certificate
con nathan deal obama birth certificate Con nathan deal obama birth certificate
con nathan deal obama birth certificate Con nathan deal obama birth certificate

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