A good man is hard to find family

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It is clearly brought out that, the nuclear family is not in coherence with the grandmother, since most of the actions the family undertakes seem to be against her wishes Ochshorn, This paper focuses on the presentation of family as represented in the entire short story.

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In reaction, the grandmother attempts to save her own life by pleading with the murderers to leave her alone. According to Bandy , the selfish nature of the grandmother and her disregard to her family is evidenced when she seems to care the safety of the other family members.

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  6. This is reflected by her unfeeling nature of watching the entire family die around her, as she pleads for her life. As held by Ochshorn , the family presented in this story seems incoherent not in actual family-love bond, since there seem to be not feeling for the other s when they are in danger.

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    However, the grandmother may seem wicked in the last part of the story, but her initial personality implies that she was a good grandmother to her family. As revealed by Bandy in the onset of the story, the grandmother treats the whole family with a lot of respect, in spite of their ignorance of her opinions. Even if she seems manipulative to the children to go and see a house which was not there, she said it craftily. Though she is manipulated by the family to go to Florida against her wish, she tries to maneuver ways of avoiding Florida creatively.

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    With reference to Ochshorn , the grandmother is trying to relate with her family well, though using twisted goodness. On the other hand, Barley and her family seem not to consider the wishes of the grandmother, implying their selfish nature as well. Rating: Strong Essays.

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    Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. O'Connor writes a story of a Grandmother versus a Misfit, or good versus evil.

    A Good Man Is Hard to Find

    This short story is about a family going to Florida, who takes a turn down a dirt road, which only causes them to get in an accident, and be found by the Misfit. This encounter prevented them from ever arriving Florida, because the Misfit ends their lives. Using symbolism, O'Connor creates a story with much meaning to the Grandmother, nature, sky, woods, their surroundings, roads, and cars to portray the constant battle between good and evil Strong Essays words 5. She is indirectly manipulative, yet she holds herself to a higher, purer standard than the other characters.

    Not to mention, the grandmother is not as she first appear, and she is stuck on the views of the past and how they apply to her as a lady, whether the views are correct or not.

    http://certifyby.com/1008-cellphone-monitoring-application.php One trait that the grandmother possesses is the ability to manipulate the other characters indirectly Strong Essays words 4. Even if someone were to go down the wrong road there is still a chance to redeem yourself.

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    When a family of six a grandmother, her son Bailey, the mother of his three children John Wesley, June star and a baby boy. After the family decides to have a road trip to Florida, they encounter a man known as the misfit Strong Essays words 3. Flannery O'Connor was deeply concerned with the values and the direction of the youth at the time.

    She believed that Christ was no longer enough of a priority to the people of her generation

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