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E-Pay Philadelphia Traffic Tickets. Enter the system. Notice of Language Rights. Language Rights If you are a named party in a case or a witness, victim, or person in loco parentis, you have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.

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Opinions Please note that not all opinions issued by First Judicial District Judges are posted on this site. Publications Access all forms, court fees, reports, local rules, orders and regulations, and publications available to the public.

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The Senior Judge Oral History Program The program's goals include preserving Philadelphia judicial history and making it accessible to the community through the Internet. Latest News. Useful Links. Contact Us. The database covers federal land title records for eastern Public Land States issued between and as well as land titles issued between and the mid's. Start with the district or municipality from which you believe the case originated. Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Search for persons incarcerated, parole dates, etc. National Sex Offender Registry. Accessing Public Records Public records may or may not be online. Confidential or Private Records Public access to records such as employee records, student transcripts, patient health records, etc. Voting Records Philadelphia City Commissioners Contains data on citywide election results, as well as results by ward and division. Includes past and present voter registration statistics.

Report a broken link or other problem. Tags: broadcasting , journalism , magazines , media , newspapers , photojournalism. Main Number? What are the geographic boundaries of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania?

Attorney Admission Questions. How can an attorney be admitted Pro Hac Vice? How do I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing? Financial Questions.

Court Fees

What are the filing fees? Who should the check be made payable to? Does your office accept credit cards? Procedural Questions. What is the time period for responding to motions? How do I have notice of the Entry of Orders and Judgments sent to me by facsimile? What filings are accepted in the Allentown Divisional Office? The Allentown Office will accept all filings, including Bankruptcy Court filings.

How do you execute a Judgment? How can a Subpoena be issued in this district for a case pending in another district? What is the Post Judgment Interest Rate? When are Motions heard? To obtain this information, contact the Courtroom Deputy to the Judge assigned to the case. How much time do you have to serve a Summons? You have 90 days to effectuate service of a summons.

How much time do you have to file a Notice of Appeal? How much time do you have to file a Motion for Reconsideration? You have 14 days from the date the order was entered to file a motion for reconsideration. When can you request a Default Judgment? Please see the Federal Rules. In reference to the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan , is there a limit on the number of interrogatories?

Do you time-stamp copies of filings over the counter? How many years of civil and criminal cases do you have at the District Court? Do I have to come into the Clerk's Office to review a closed civil case file and obtain a copy of the pleading? How do I get a copy of an electronic docket and what is the cost? How do I perform a search? What is ECF?

ECF Brochure. Procedures for Filing Documents. How do I file documents in the Eastern District? Is an ECF login and password different from a signature code? Do I need an ECF login and password and a signature code? If I filed a document electronically do I need to submit an original document?

The electronic filing is the original document. When and how do I receive my signature code after I submit the signature form? Why have I received a non-compliance notice when I have submitted a signature form and already received a code? Is my validation code secure? If I am admitted pro hac vice do I need to use a signature code? Is there a size limit for PDF documents? Can I place the file on a CD?

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  • Is there training available for the ECF system and the procedures for filing documents? What are the formatting requirements i. What are the transcript fees? All payments are due in advance.


    How do I obtain a transcript? Interpreting Questions. Will I be needed to do a presentence report following a plea? Will the courtroom be set up with microphones, etc.? Juror Questions.

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    Why am I serving as a juror in Philadelphia if I don't live in Philadelphia? Is daycare available? Where do I park for jury duty? What if I have a paid vacation and can not attend jury service? How long will the trial last? What will happen to me if I fail to appear for jury duty? What is a grand jury? How long does a grand jury sit? A grand jury usually sits once a week for a period of 18 months.

    Will I be sequestered? Federal jurors are rarely sequestered. I was recently a juror in my county and was told that I would be exempt for several years.

    Are You Ready for a Clean Slate?

    Why am I being called for jury duty?

    philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records Philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records
    philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records Philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records
    philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records Philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records
    philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records Philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records
    philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records Philadelphia pennsylvania court house criminal records

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